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EGCA Consulting

Our consulting division is our core offering - focused on identifying potential for improvement, sizing the ROI and developing implementation plans to close the gap WITH YOUR teams.

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  • Throughput Improvement

    Modelling performance, identifying drivers of underperformance & developing solutions to close gaps.

  • Cost Reduction

    Modelling spend against budget and target, identifying primary drivers of overspend and implementing initiatives to manage spend

  • Capital Projects

    Optimise and manage capital project's NPV, Readiness, Reporting, Critical Path Reduction, Rate of Work and Quality

  • Management Operating System & Strategy

    Design and Evaluate MOS to maximise visibility and drive accountability (meetings, KPIs, reports etc.)

  • Supply Chain Optimisation

    Procurement and Sourcing, Warehouse Optimisation and Logistics efficiency and planning.

  • Digitalisation

    Digital roadmapping, predictive and prescriptive analytics roadmapping and implementation, autonomous haulage etc.

  • Engineering & Maintenance

    Support along the full maintenance life-cycle. Minimise unplanned downtime and optimise artisan utilisation

  • Energy Efficiency / Transitioning

    Introducing global best practices in energy efficiency and alternative energy to ensure the security of our supply.

  • Diagnostic

    Answers 4 simple questions

    What is the problem?

    What's driving the problem?

    How do we fix it?

    Who and when?

    What you get:
     on what the problem is within the organisation (backed by analytics and your team’s experience)​

    Set of prioritised solutions that your teams agree with and own (quantified and road mapped)

  • Implement

    Putting paper into action:

    Setting up accountability mechanisms (KPIs, owners etc.)

    What you get:

    Infrastructure in place to support initiative owners make things happen (KPIs, Meetings, workplans, reports)​

    Infrastructure in place to make sure this Continuous Improvement doesn’t “die” with these ideas but instead facilitates ongoing generation.

  • Sustainabilty

    Empowering your organisation to “not need us”.

    SOPs built into the organisation

    Nothing done in SILOs

    What you get:

    A team that feels confident that the change we have implemented together will hit the bottom-line under their management and oversight

    Documentation and on-the-job training that empowers your team to make the Continuous Improvement process part of business-as-usual

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EGCA Engineering

Our Engineering Team drives technical deliverables. With over a decade of experience in delivering high-end engineering results (PrEng, PrCM)

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EGCA Commodities

We not only support our client's operational needs. We also support in securing off-take contracts that guarantee revenue in the door.

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  • Mining

  • Processing

  • Oil & Gas

  • Construction

  • Logistics

  • Manufacturing

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